OPC UA interfaces for plastics and rubber machinery – Peripheral devices – Hot runner devices

EUROMAP 82.2 describes the interface between injection moulding machines (IMM) and hot runner devices (HRD) for data exchange. The target of EUROMAP 82.2 is to provide a standard interface for IMM and hot runner devices from different manufacturers to ensure compatibility.

EUROMAP 82.2 is based on OPC UA which is developed by the OPC Foundation.

Please find below the specification and model files of the Release Candidate RC 1.00.1 (10 October 2018).

Important: This is not the final version and the contents may change before release! It is planned to publish the final version in 2019.

Please note: Basis for all EUROMAP OPC UA specification is EUROMAP 83 with the definition of common types. Some extensions of EUROMAP 83 are proposed together with EUROMAP 82.2 (see Annex of PDF-file). This is why model files for a new EUROMAP 83 with additional types are included in the file list below.