Brazilian Market for Plastics Machinery - Packaging
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Brazilian Market for Plastics Machinery - Packaging

Brazil is Europe's most important trading partner in Latin America. In 2018 the export of plastics and rubber machinery from the EU to Brazil amounted to 169 Million Euro. Reason enough to have a close look on the Brazilian Market for Plastics Machinery. This is why EUROMAP, in cooperation with the Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Maschinenbaues, gave MaxiQuim, the largest Brazilian consulting company for the chemical industry, the order, to analyse the current machine installations and to evaluate the prospects for the future.

As a first market segment, the Brazilian packaging industry was analysed. Therefore, MaxiQuim interviewed 75 companies producing consumption and industrial packages. The market is dominated by smaller companies with up to 100 employees and a capacity below 5000 kton of processed material per year. With an average age of 10 years of the machines, the situation in Brazil is similar to Europe. The economic recession in recent years has affected investments and the machine utilization rate was relatively low (average 75%). However, 40% of the companies plan investments in the next 5 years, partly more than 1 Million Euros. For injection moulding higher investments are expected than for extrusion. In total, future investments depend on an effective resumption of the machine utilization rate. Higher value-added products such as multi-layer flexible packaging are identified as a future trend. As consequence, the quality of the machine has been mentioned a most important purchasing factor, followed by the price. Although an increasing level of automation and productivity is requested, Industry 4.0 (smart factory) has not really reached Brazil yet.

EUROMAP plans to conduct following studies for updating the figures and findings and for regarding other segments like automotive.

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