EUROMAP 84-Meeting at Erema in Ansfelden
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EUROMAP 84-Meeting at Erema in Ansfelden

On 11th  and 12th  September 2018 experts from eight European extrusion manufacturers met at Erema in Ansfelden (Austria) for the further discussion of the OPC UA based connection of extrusion lines to central computers/MES. There, a modular information model is developed, to allow a flexible representation of different extrusion line types from Compounding over foil and profile production to recycling.

The first two parts of EUROMAP 84, which cover the superordinate information on the extrusion line and the core extruder are well-advanced due to the previous meeting, so that only single comments needed to be discussed. This gave the participants the chance to concentrate on the integration of further components like haul-offs, melt pumps, filters and dies.

After some editing, the results will be presented to the public as Release Candidates in October.

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