New EUROMAP interface based on OPC UA under development
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New EUROMAP interface based on OPC UA under development

After the development of a draft by a German-speaking working group, the first European meeting on EUROMAP 77 took place on 17./18. June 2015 at KraussMaffei in Munich. Aim is to develop a successor interface to EUROMAP 63 for standardized communication between injection moulding machines and central computers/MES systems.

As a landmark decision, the participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy agreed to use the software interface standard OPC UA (Unified Architecture) as a basis. This is publicly available as an international IEC standard to ensure compatibility across different platforms and manufacturers. Together with the predefined functions and the technical possibilities, OPC UA meets the requirements arising in the context of "Industry 4.0" for the networking of machines.

With support provided by the OPC Foundation, the working group is now creating an information model which describes the functions and data to be exchanged.

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