VG4 Recommendation for Use (RFU) Sheets

VG4 is one of several Vertical Groups set up by the European Commission for the coordination of the work of the Notified Bodies (NB). NBs are responsible for the testing and certifying of machinery which are not conform to harmonised European standards covering all of the relevant health and safety requirement listed in Annex IV of the EU Machinery Directive. In regular meetings of VG4, experts of NBs discuss safety solutions for specific applications. The results are published as technical sheets for coordination (RFU = Recommendation for Use) and serve mainly as guidelines for the NBs themselves.

For manufacturers of injection moulding machines and compression moulding machines with manual loading and unloading, VG4 RFU may be used as a guideline when designing a machine if certain safety solutions are not covered or are deviating from the harmonised European standards EN 201 or EN 289 due to special customer requests.

For member companies of EUROMAP associations, a corresponding list of RFU can be requested:


Marc Schmitt
Director Technical Commission