EUROMAP 83 - General Type Definitions

EUROMAP 83 - General Type Definitions

For the communication between different machines, manufacturer independent information models are required. For plastics and rubber machinery, these information models are based on OPC UA, a communication framework developed and provided by the OPC Foundation. While OPC UA provides the technology for the transfer of information, the definition which information is transferred in which form is fixed in Companion Specifications.

This recommendation defines a Companion Specification for general information regarding plastics and rubber machines. The intention is that ObjectTypes which can be used for several machines and applications are defined only once. For specific applications (e.g. connection of injection moulding machines to MES), it is extended by specific Companion Specifications (e.g. EUROMAP 77).

Please find below the specification and model files of the Release 1.01 (28 January 2019).

A new version is currently publishes as Release Candidate. See file The major changes to version 1.01 are:

  • Namespace changed to
  • New Object Types are added
  • An identical text will be published also as OPC 40083 (Edition 1.2) and VDMA 40083:2019-11