EUROMAP 82.2 describes the interface between injection moulding machines (IMM) and hot runner devices (HRD) for data exchange. The target of EUROMAP 82.2 is to provide a standard interface for IMM and hot runner devices from different manufacturers to ensure compatibility.

A first Release Candidate has been published in on 10 October 2018. An updated Release Candidate is published on 1 November 2019 (already available for download below). The main change is, that the namespace has been changed to An identical text will be published also as OPC 40082-2 (Edition 1.0) and VDMA 40082-2:2019-11.

Please note: Basis for all EUROMAP OPC UA specification is EUROMAP 83 with the definition of common types.

Important: This is not the final version and the contents may change before release! It is planned to publish the final version in 2021.


  EUROMAP 82.2_RC1.0 (625.9 kB)


Dr. Harald Weber
Director Technical Commission