EUROMAP 78.1 published

Additional signals for higher safety of injection moulding production cells

The newly published EUROMAP 78.1 solves the potential problem of EUROMAP 78, which does not distinguish between a single and a double acknowledgement system.

Besides the EUROMAP activities regarding digitalization and software-based interfaces, hardware interfaces are still state of the art when safety of the operator must be guaranteed. EUROMAP 78 defines the interface between injection moulding machines and external safety devices. These are used, when a machine is integrated in a production cells (e.g. together with a robot) and a fence around it protects the whole area.

According to ISO 20430:2020 (safety of injection moulding machines), a double acknowledgement system becomes necessary when whole-body access to the mould area is possible and it is not possible to use presence detecting devices (e.g. machines with third platen or rotary table in the middle of the mould area). In this case, also the external safety device shall have a double acknowledgement system. Therefore, EUROMAP 78.1 introduces additional signals so that the injection moulding machine can check the presence of such a system which ensures the correct level of safety.


Image source: ENGEL


Marc Schmitt
Director Technical Commission